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Laughter, encouragement, community, and intentional time will create a place for your relationship with your daughter to flourish. Cherished Circles is designed to create a small group environment for mothers and daughters. CHERISHED is a once a month meeting geared toward exploring and discussing relevant topics from a Christ-centered perspective.


With the stress and busyness of life with a pre-teen/teenager, it was so great to have a special, intentional time with my daughter to grown in a Christ-centered relationship. Friendships are a priority to girls, so being able to share that time with her friends and their moms made it something to which everyone looked forward. It truly does take a village to raise a child, and having a supportive, like-minded group of moms was a blessing to me.

My daughter and I truly enjoyed our experiences with our Cherished group. Becca has such a heart for the Lord and that overflowed to the girls and moms in the group. My daughter and I both loved the time we spent talking with one another and praying for one another. It was nice to have a time devoted to spending time together and growing our relationship with the Lord and with each other.

Cherished Circles truly was a treasure for my daughter and me.   One of the discussions sparked a conversation between us that is ongoing even now,  a couple of years later.    Having young guest speakers and other moms speak of Jesus and her worth to Him was such a blessing!

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Cherished Circles is designed for a mother-daughter small group with monthly meetings. May your time together enrich your relationship with your daughter.