Week 11

Week 11

Delight and Celebrate


This will be a pre-planning outing or activity




“God chose you out of all the people of the earth as his cherished personal treasure.” Duet. 14:2 (Message Bible) 



Create something special that fits your daughter’s personality. 

Goal: Celebrate the Woman of God that she is becoming 

Ideas to Celebrate: 

  • Date with Mom or Dad
  • Celebration Ceremony 
  • Trip Together


Date with Dad:

If it is a date with dad, all the girls can get ready together on the same night and go on a date with their dads. Or they can plan separately. The goal is to show your daughter how she should be treated. 


  • A plan
  • A new outfit
  • A flower and a note from Dad about how special she is to him


Celebration Ceremony:

Each ceremony is unique because it is celebrating your daughter. 


  • Decorations
  • Dessert
  • Something to make the evening special
  • A small gift (something she will remember from this time, like a journal or photo album)

Inviting grandparents, friends, and mentors can be fun. You could have everyone write a letter about how special your daughter is to them. Or everyone could write a blessing to your daughter. 


Trip Together:  

What kind of trip would your daughter enjoy? This is the focus – making the trip center around what your daughter would enjoy. Taking a trip together is a wonderful way to celebrate.  Wendy and Jesse like to travel together often. Especially now that she’s in college, they have continued this idea of taking trips together during one of Jesse’s longer breaks each year.  It’s a great way for them to connect in the midst of a season of busyness.  

Addi and I went to Callaway Gardens last year. This was a simple two-day trip. I also have four sons, so getting away for a long trip is a little bit of a challenge. When planning a get-away, I thought about social media and all of the mother daughter trips that I had seen, I realized we are not the ballet or show type of gals. My focus on planning the trip was, what trip would be fun for my daughter? We like adventure. Taking Addi to Callaway was my choice because of the amazing zip line. Little did I know that I would watch her fly over a lake, hundreds of feet high in the air on this ancient course. Their old-school ropes course was definitely an adventure! This time together was without an agenda – the goal was just enjoying each other. 

Another trip idea: Our Cherished Circles group went to the beach together. Most of the trip was spent playing on the beach, shopping, and relaxing. We had one game night and a night where we shared a devotion. It was a wonderful and relaxing  trip with moms and daughters. (Becca)





Your cherished time with your daughter over the last twelve months showed her that you are for her and for your relationship with her. 



  • What have I gained from this time with my daughter? 
  • How can I keep pursuing a relationship with my daughter?

I ask myself this often: 

  • What do I want my relationship with my daughter to look like when she leaves for college or becomes an adult?

After the year of meeting as a group, these questions were so motivating to me to set goals.