Week 2

Week 2

You Are Cherished by God’s Heart


Paint treasure boxes and a little wooden heart on the inside.

Theme: God cherishes our heart (supply list at end of lesson).




“God chose you out of all the people of the earth as his cherished, personal treasure.” Duet. 14:2 (Message Bible) 


Opening Discussion:

If your group does not know each other well, moms and daughters re-introduce yourselves while you are answering the question.

What do you cherish? What is dear to your heart?


We cherish a wedding ring and what it symbolizes, a special note, a memory, a picture, a stuffed animal. You might think about your loved ones; as moms, we cherish our kids.


Facilitator – Share some things you cherish about your children.

Cherish means, “to protect and to care for.”



Ask the moms in the group:

  • What are ways that you protect and care for your relationship with your daughter?

Ask the daughters in the group:

  • What are ways that you protect and care for your relationship with your mom?


Protecting and caring for our relationship means choosing love and being intentional.


Ways to Care for Each other 

  1. Intentional Time – One way to care for our relationship is being intentional, being available, and spending time together.

Note: Spending time together does not have to be something planned or extra special. Quality time together can be making  breakfast, going shopping, or running errands.


Time together enjoying each other is what is important!



  • What do you enjoy doing together?


As moms, during our (intentional) time, we can stop trying to teach lessons or impart wisdom, and just be together and laugh. Enjoying each other builds a solid foundation for us to share wisdom.


Ways to Care for Each other 

  1. Thoughtful Communication – Thoughtful communication means “before I say something to you, I think of you.”

As moms and daughters, we need to ask ourselves these questions, “If I say __________ how will it make you feel? Will what I am about to say build up or tear down our relationships?” This will help us decide whether we should speak, rephrase, or wait.



  • What does my mom/daughter communicate that makes me feel loved? 


Ways to Care for Each other  

  1. Shared Interests – One way to enjoy a healthy relationship is to share each other’s interests. Think about what your daughter enjoys and what you enjoy. It is important to engage in the activities that each of you like. 



Facilitator – Feel free to come up with your own story, or use Becca’s example below:


Addi is an artist. I am not. At all. I can’t even draw a stick person. When she was in middle school, I would sit with her and paint, asking her how to do certain things on the canvas. Entering her world through this vehicle is so far from what I would have chosen in my free time, but I loved the time with my daughter, enjoying her gifts. When we were finished, my picture was not pretty, but I felt so peaceful and grateful for my time with her. Quickly I realized when I started entering her world by doing the activities she enjoyed, she started doing the activities I enjoyed. I love to walk outside on a beautiful day. Some days, Addi goes on a walk with me, not because she likes to walk, but because she wants to spend time together.



  • What do you enjoy? 
  • What is your favorite thing to do? 
  • How would you like me to engage in this with you?



You can take prayer requests and ask someone in the group to pray, or the facilitator can pray.



Treasure box and hearts can be ordered online at Michaels.

Supplies: acrylic paints, wooden boxes, small wooden hearts, paint brushes, cups of water, paper towel to dry brushes, plastic table cloth, table or space to work on.