Week 3

Week 3

You Are Cherished by God’s Heart (Part 2)



Telestrations or Pictionary




“God chose you out of all the people of the earth as his cherished personal treasure.” Duet. 14:2 (Message Bible)



We are continuing our discussion from last week. What makes our daughters feel loved and cherished? 


Last week, we discussed three ways to cherish our relationships with one another:

  1. Intentional time
  2. Thoughtful communication
  3. Sharing interests


This week we are continuing with two more keys in helping our daughters feel cherished:

  1. Showing up and being present
  2. Sharing our walk with God 


Opening Discussion:

  • What is one way you have enjoyed each other recently? (time, activity, conversation)

Showing Up and Being Present Makes our daughters feel cherished.



  • Is there a time that your mom “showing up” blessed you? Or a time that her being present impacted your life greatly? 



Facilitator can share a personal story or quote from their daughter, or use an example from below:


“Mom, if you never came to my stuff (games, activities) I would think that you didn’t care.” Conversation with Addi (Becca)


Showing up to events and different situations in Jesse’s life gave me the opportunity to step into her world and see who she is and who she is truly becoming. I’ve never liked to miss her sporting events, especially when she was younger. That also carried on to when she was in high school and had narrowed her sports down to just Volleyball. I was able to see how she had progressed as an athlete and encourage her in that growth. When she was in 6th grade and began her volleyball journey, I remember watching her in practice and seeing that she could hardly hit the ball 6 feet in front of her. As she grew in her skill and worked hard, it was amazing to watch her not only be able to hit the ball well over the net, but by her 8th grade year she had one of the longest streaks of serves – all overhand serves which was more difficult for her. Had I not shown up for these events, I would have never been able to celebrate with her how far she had come, or encourage her in her hard work. (Wendy)


Showing up communicates, “I am for you. I want to be with you. I care about what you are doing and I want to be a part of your life.”


Sharing our walk with God helps us cherish one another.


As moms, the most important thing we can do with our daughters is share our faith. A few examples of this are:

  • Praying with our daughters.
  • Talking about what God is teaching us.
  • Sharing things that we are struggling with.
  • Showing a verse that is helpful to us.
  • Letting them know we are praying for the things that matter to their heart.



  • What does your mom share about God that helps you learn about how much God loves you? 


Sharing Jesus is not always about what we say, but about communicating by growing in our own personal relationship with God. Our daughters want to be invited into our own Christian walk. They see God and us as relatable. Because of our choice to share our walk with God, our daughters will share their faith with us too. As mothers, instead of writing our daughter’s story, we can watch as God develops their faith and their walk with Him.



  • For moms: What are ways you can share your walk with God with your daughter?
  • For Daughters: What are ways you can share your thoughts on God and faith with your mom? 



You choose if you want to break into groups or pray as an entire group.



The board game, Telestrations. Or, Print out words for Pictionary and a medium size white board and dry erase markers