Week 4

Week 4



Pass out sheets with a heart on it.

Design five or more things about your heart. Who you are and what you love? (You can write words, pictures, use colors…) This is a very simple activity. For an opening group discussion. Girls that want to, can share something they wrote about their heart and moms can share too.

(NOTE: Moms and daughters if you  want to share that is great, but no pressure if someone does not want to share that is fine also. The circle should never be a place where anyone feels pressured to speak if they do not want to. ) 


Mark 12:33 states, “Love the Lord your God with all your HEART and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength.” (NIV)



Opening Discussion:

What is dear to your heart? 



 “Even now,” declares the Lord, “return” to Me with all your HEART…” Joel 2:12 (NIV)

Then they prayed, “Lord you know everyone’s heart.” Acts 1:24 (NIV)

“For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” Luke 12:34 (NIV)

Our heart is our life-line, without it we die. Blood flows through our hearts to be cleaned, and after it is cleaned in the lungs, it circulates back through the heart on its way through our entire body. The heart is about the size of our fist and yet holds the power of our life and death in its consistency. The heart is an amazing muscle that pumps 2,000 gallons of blood through our body every day. Each minute, our hearts beat 70 times. Our heart contracts and relaxes 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Why do we ask Jesus in our heart? Why don’t we ask Him into our legs or arms, or even our brain? Why do we ask Him in our “heart”? God gives us so many word pictures in the Bible. This must be another picture from Him. For when we study the heart, we realize it is alive, beating constantly. It is operating 24/7. Our heart is constant, just like God is! He desires a constant living relationship with us. God wants us to talk to Him all the time. 

Pray continually.” 1 Thess. 5:17 (NIV)

Every heart beat reminds us that God is near and He desires continual closeness with us, if we choose to let Him.

He knows our heart so well, He even knows its deepest desires. He can mend a broken heart with His tender love. He longs to be a part of our every moment. He longs not just to be an aspect of our life, but He longs for our life to be lived from an overflow of His love.

To have a healthy heart, we must examine it often by asking questions, such as:

  • What is bothering my heart?
  • What is on my heart?
  • Has anyone hurt my heart?

We must share our hearts with each other. As moms, we communicate differently than our daughters. If we want to get to know each other’s hearts, we must accept one another’s communication style.


Facilitator can share personal story, or use the example below:

“Addi, did not communicate much in words. I could see what she was thinking through her drawings. She likes to paint the world with color. I would also have to ask many questions to get the heart of the issue. At times, what I thought the problem was – was not even close to what she was thinking or dealing with.” (Becca)

Mother and Daughter question to journal separately:

  • Is anything bothering me/my heart?
  • What is on my heart? (or what am I worried about?) 
  • Has anyone hurt my heart?


  • Have you ever thought about how dear your heart is to Him? If so, when did you realize this?

Asking our daughters, “How is your heart?” is a powerful question. Life, reactions and choices flow from what is going on in the heart. Getting to know our daughter’s heart is essential to a growing relationship.



Mothers find a spot to split up to pray with your daughters individually.


Crayons, markers, white sheet with a heart drawn on it, table or clip-board to design hearts.

Journals and pens, or pieces of paper for questions.