Week 8

Week 8

Specially Made

Before Group: Ice Cream Bar


I Like This You Like That




“For we are God’s masterpiece…” Ephesians (2:10 NLT)

Did any differences or similarities from the activity surprise you?



Share challenge from last week

What was one way I shared love, joy, kindness, and gentleness last week?


Scripture teaches us that we are one of God’s most prized and valuable possessions. We are all created uniquely. God wired us a certain way. He wired other people a certain way. How can we use our wiring to work together and love each other well? 

Seeing things through a different lens: Celebrating who mother/daughters are, instead of trying to make them who we are, or who we want them to be. Understanding differences and hearts can… lead to healthier and better relationships?



  • How do we celebrate each other’s differences?
  • How could we better celebrate each other’s differences? 
  • What difference do we enjoy about each other? 
  • In what ways are we alike? 



Share your own story, or use the example below:

So Jesse and I are pretty different in a lot of ways. She loves to shop. I just don’t. I love karaoke. She doesn’t. And she really doesn’t love it when I do karaoke. 🙂 She loves to journal. I get writer’s cramp if I write a check. But here are some ways we are different that actually helps each other. Jesse would sometimes get pretty stressed out about things in high school. Mostly classes and her grades, etc., sometimes friendship issues. But I’ve always been pretty laid back about all of that. So in those moments when she would began to get stressed, I was able to talk to her and help relax her in those moments. On the flipside, because I’m laid back, I can let things get pretty chaotic without it rattling me too much, but Jesse has a natural sense of order that she will bring in those chaotic times that helps our whole environment. So we are able to celebrate those differences. We also love to connect in ways we are alike. Jesse and I both LOVE to travel. So now that she’s in college, she has most of January off because her school offers a “Jan Term”. She typically hasn’t participated or taken classes during Jan term, so that has left us with 3 extra weeks with her over Christmas Break each year. A tradition that we started her Freshman year is to do a quick trip somewhere. We went to NYC on the tightest of budgets with last minute planning and ended up having the best time! (Wendy)


Preparation for Serving Together:

Decide where your group could serve. 

  • Who could your group bless? 
  • What could you do together as a group that would reach others and give them hope? 

Plan this service project for your next meeting time.



Pray together as a group



I Like This, You like That – Activity to see our differences and similarities:

Moms and Daughters both answer which one you like best. (Put a letter by your choice, M for mom and D for daughter.)

shopping or sporting

morning or night

salty or sweet 

quiet or loud

people or alone time

chocolate or vanilla

mountains or beach

summer or winter

reading or running

social media or television

comedy or drama (movie)

driving or flying

coffee or soda

one friend or lots of friends

singing or dancing

control or harmony

conflict avoider or conflict embracer

holidays or normal days